[comp]_Dreamer_46kb_157x_146 I had a bad scare with my pit bull, Dreamer.  She had this small pea-sized lump on her neck under her collar.  And it went to the size of a walnut and then big as a small bar of soap in a couple of days. It shocked and frightened us. We feared it was a cancerous growth.

I love this dog so much.  She is my constant companion when everyone else is gone.  She never leaves my side and watches me from across the room with her brown eyes every waking moment. And when I take a nap she snuggles up rump-to-rump with me.

I was really scared…. We took her into the vet for an emergency visit this morning. I was praying to God it wasn’t anything bad.

Turns out she had a huge abcess on her neck. It was apparently caused by either a snake or spider bite. Wow!!  They drained out the pus and it was free of any blood, which meant it wasn’t cancer. 

She came home with a big red spot on her neck where the incision was made and her white fur shaved off.  She flopped on her back asking for a tummy rub, ate her dinner, and went to a soft bed we made up for her. She will be rehabbing in the house for a while now. I am so thankful she is okay.