It was a frightening gang of tong hatchet men.  Even at this distance, Nick could see their gaudy clothing.  They wore black pleated gowns belted with a band of white silk.  Under their round black bowler hats, pigtails coiled about their foreheads like black snakes.

Nick shoved the girls behind him.  The tongs slowly advanced.  Some had small razor-sharp hatchets stuck in their waste bands. Others carried long knives, wicked-looking meat cleavers, and heavy clubs.

One man, taller than the rest of the gang, was clearly the leader, in a bright red silk jacket.  He shouted, “kill the white dogs.  But do no harm to the one called Mei-Li. She’s my stolen property.  Ah-koo-ar.  Attack them.”

This is an excerpt from the newly released novella, TIME TROLLEY.  It is available at And FREE on KDP Unlimited.

tong boss and henchman chinatown 1906